Improve your LinkedIn profile in 6 simple steps!

How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnet for recruiters?
March 25, 2024 by

The social network LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft and founded in 2002, is on the rise. And with so many mass layoffs happening across the country and the world, everything indicates that it will continue to be recruiters' favorite search tool.

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn? How is it? Updated? Does that "open to work" badge help or hinder, in the end?

See below 6 tips to make your LinkedIn ideal for being found by recruiters:

  1. In the introduction, the "Title" should include your main profession, but never include the name of the company where you work in this field! There is a specific field to put the company name below, and it is optional (you decide whether to include it or not).
  2. The "Open to Work" badge is an ally of recruiters, who quickly view people available in the job market, with the skills that the vacancy requires. It is true that many users are indeed looking for professional repositioning but continue working, and therefore do not use the badge to announce that they are looking for another job. But recruiters know this too, and they focus mainly on the user's profile, not just through the badge. For this reason, it is very important to use the right words on your profile.
  3. Use keywords! Yes, you may have heard of SEO, or search and research tools. They are widely used by recruiters to locate the ideal candidate for the job to be filled. So, what should you write on your profile? In the "About" field, describe a little about your main professional trajectory, your interests in the next job, your differentials, and a little about your hobbies. If you have worked on any specific project, it is very worth mentioning. If you have a portfolio, there are fields on the profile for you to include them.
  4. Be careful with words! Words are like double-edged swords (cut from both sides), so they must be chosen carefully. Filling your profile with compliments about yourself doesn't give much credibility. So avoid including "I am a perfectionist" "I am methodical" "I am an expert in ..." because these words are repellent to recruiters.
  5. What is your actual proficiency level in English? Is it advanced or fluent? Look for a test if you have doubts about what your true level of English is. Put on your profile the skills you truly have. And it's a very relevant language, so, regardless of your proficiency, don't stop improving more and more!
  6. Finally, a small (big!) detail: the photo. LinkedIn is a professional network, so make sure the chosen photo is appropriate, formal, and visible. Vacation photos or moments of relaxation are not recommended.

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